Monday, September 28, 2009

Google-Fu Introduction (Tools of the Trade #1)

"Approach, students. Close the circle at the feet of the master. You have come to me asking that I be your guide along the path of Google-Fu..."

*ahm* =)  Just kidding

In this day and age, the internet and the world wide web have become the default tool used by most American's (if not most of the 2nd world nations and above) who wish to research a topic, or verify their sources. The "web" is the default go-to resource for searching and researching just about anything.
Only those like my grandmother (may she rest in peace) ever regularly use the physical yellow pages to look up a number, and the days of actual card catalogs in libraries are past in many libraries across the country.

One needs to be web savy to flourish in this modern age, and more than that, one must become proficient in the modern martial art of the web search. Yes... MARTIAL ART!


In this series of Tools of the Trade, I shall introduce you to the basic Kata forms of Google Fu. The path to mastery is long and hard (well.... actually no...) but your efforts will be well spent.
Not only is Google search an indispensable tool in your critical thinking arsenal, but the ability to winnow the wheat from the chaff in your search results is actually an exercise in critical thinking in itself!

Since the path is long and complex (again, not really but I am loath to re-write what is available out there on the net), I will teach you up to yellow belt, at which point you will have the Google basics needed to progress in your art via self study.

Stay tuned for our first lesson: Google-Fu Kata 1. Winnowing the Chaff *

* Yes, I know that strictly speaking a Kata is associated with Japanese martial arts, such as Shotokan and Karate etc.  But Google-Te is not so catchy, and I am studying Karate, and screw it this is my blog and I can mix things up if I want! ;)


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