Sunday, November 22, 2009

I see dumb people #3. Sinister LHC

I have to wonder what makes seemingly normal, semi intelligent people believe stupid things and fear what they do not understand?
For instance, there is a blog I have recently read who's followers believe that the scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN are up to no good, that they are up to something "sinister".
These outwardly normal seeming people truly believe that the LHC could end humanity as we know it.
Some of them believe that the physicists are doing this on purpose, that they want to destroy the world they live on. Other readers believe that the physicists are doing this because they don't know what they are doing.

This is just a projection. The readers do not understand the physics and science invololved, and so project their inadiquacies on the scientists at the LHC.
As for those who think the physicists are doing sinister things, I have to wonder what projection that represents.
But in general, these people simply fear what they do not understand. They seem no better than hooting primates (oh... wait... am I insulting primates?) faced with fire. They scream and hurtle feces.

However, fear is natural. It is hardwired into our physiology. For instance there is something I fear, and I admittidaly do not understand it very well, and that is stupidity. Oh yes, I understand that there are those who through brain damage or natural selection are simply stupid. But I am speaking of "stupidity" in the form of willful ignorance. Willful ignorance is where a person, even after being show massive amounts of evidence actively chooses to ignore said evidence. A side effect of willful ignorance is that those who chose to be "stupid" often want to spread their stupidity to others.
This form of stupidity can lead to injury to me or my loved ones. Stupidity can lead to death and destruction on many scales. Stupidity is something to be feared.

These people scare me. They are the types who hold back medical progress. They are the ones who enforce their ignorance on others by legislating bans on teaching evolution. These are the type of people who kill people to protect animals, or threaten the families of those who do animal based medical research.
These are the type of people who burned Giordano Bruno at the stake.
These are the type of people who, not content to live their lives as they want to, instead want to spread their fear and ignorance to others, and want to force others to live in the same intellectually decrepit state as they.

Yes, when I see such willful ignorance, I get a small thrill of fear.
Perhaps I should be more scared?


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  2. Greeting Michael!
    I think LHC is a great opportunity to explore the way matter works. I think scientist ought find it out as soon as possible... How exciting!

  3. yes very wierd people out there who think stupid stuff.

  4. Ignorance is scary when forced on others.
    Not afraid?

    "You will be... YOU WILL BE!"