Monday, November 23, 2009

I see dumb people #4 conCERNed morons

 A lawsuit to stop CERN's LHC.
All I can say is... wow...


  1. If only that were the real side effects of the LHC, to shove the heads of all those idiots further up their ass. =)

  2. Yea, what a bunch of morons, safety regulation for science...

    The best way to prove safety is to just crank the thing up to full power.

    Prove safety before you experiment..., right, what a waist of time and money.

    Morons... Give me a break, what could possibly go wrong. Its not like the LHC has faulty O-rings or not enough life boats or something.

  3. @ Anon 2

    Checking things out before running them is a good idea. You know, like checking your spelling.

    I am sure the LHC physicists have done their checking, unlike your parents on their contraceptives.

  4. touche, [to|too|two]shay...

  5. Reminds me of the environmentalists years ago that poured gasoline on the grass above the ring at Fermi. Killed off all the grass. Then they called a press conference and claimed it was radiation from the accelerator that killed off the the grass and that there was a nuclear hazard and the accelerator needed to be shut down.

    They were caught, and had to pay a hefty fine for contaminating the environment by pouring gasoline. Seems like the judge had a good sense of humor. =)