Friday, December 25, 2009

Fermi Christmas (FPOTW)

There is much to read about with respect to Christmas Fermi problems.
Here are some questions to ponder while out and about today.

  • If all the wrapping paper used to wrap Christmas gifts were compressed to a ball with the average density of cardboard, how big would ball be? How much would the ball weigh?
  • How many miles of scotch tape are used to wrap all the presents?
  • How many Christmas trees are killed each year? If burned for energy, how many houses could this heat for a day?
  • Estimate how many collective years are spent listening to Christmas music in the last 30 days? The last week? Just today? (Is there a distribution?)
  •  How many times are the words "Have a merry Christmas!" used over the last 30 days? Week? Just today?
  • How much food is consumed Christmas day as compared to an average day?
  • How many calories are expended Christmas day as compared to an average day?
  • Give a rough estimate on how many gifts are given, and how many are returned, and how much gas is burned returning all those gifts to the store?
Enjoy the time you spend with family!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I see dumb people #5 More "Homeopathetic" nonsense.

It seems that homeopathy proponents really like to make fools of themselves.
For your viewing pleasure, and to practice your critical thinking skills, I present:

THE MECHANISM: How Homeopathy Works

Note that the ratings for this you-tube video have been disabled. Humm... I wonder why?

Did you think these homeopathetic idiots would just stand by and take all the scathing attacks by skeptics and people who actually have a scientific understanding of the world? No.
Here is a rebuttal.

A PhD! Wow! That convinces me that homeopathetic proponents may just have something...

For me to poop on!

I keed, I keed!