Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun back of the envelope!

Sometimes I run across a blog that just makes me smile!

Rhett Allain over at Science Blogs posted on his blog, Dot Physics, a back of the envelope solution on the power source of a light-saber.

I love this type of back of the envelope problem, as readers of my blog know well.

More... MORE! =)


  1. You have a really fun site (for a nerd such as myself). I've corresponded back and forth with Rhett at Dot Physics for a while. I've linked his site (and he's been kind enough to link mine) for many months and have now added yours. You and I don't have strictly the same subject matter, the intersection is significant.

  2. Thanks! I was reading your blog and there plenty of cool fodder for thought. I will stop by and comment a bit after I recover from this stomach flu (interesting Fermi problem I am thinking about related to stomach bugs).