Monday, February 15, 2010

I see dumb people #6 Quantum Zero Point... Zero Pain!

Are you in deep pain? Are your quantum vibrations misaligned with your chakra points?


You are in luck! Linda Miller has the cure for you, Quantum Zero Point Energy!
How does this wonderful treatment work? Lets see what Linda has to say:

"Oh my!  I am BEYOND excited to share with you…
… an Ancient natural therapeutic wisdom of applying Futuristic Technology in the Area of Quantum Physics to support Individuals with Natural Energies to eliminate pain and stress on the body and increase their immunity."

Ancient? Wow! How long has quantum zero point energy been known of? I can only find references at most 100 years old, but perhaps I need to expand my google search to include Linear B?

"This will not be for everyone because everyone will not choose to believe it… and that’s ok.  This is for those who do choose to believe."

Wait, what... huh?
If all I need is belief, then why use something like Quantum Zero Point Energy? Why not use bananas? They may help align my root chakra with my splenic chakra!

"The products, backed by over 25 years of R & D, supports Self Care and these tools empower people to allow their bodies to heal naturally."

25 years? GREAT! With all those years in researching the quantum mechanics needed to understand what exactly is meant by zero point energy, also known as the vacuum energy, perhaps you can answer this question:

Consider a p-orbital electron characterized by |n,l=1,m=+-1,0> (You can ignore the spin angular momentum in this state vector)

Subject this electron to a potential:

V = lambda(x^2 - y^2)  where lambda is a constant.

Obtain the "correct" zeroth order energy eigenstates that diagonalize the perturbation. Don't worry about evaluating the energy shifts in detail, but show us the three-fold degeneracy that are now completely removed.
What happens to the energy eigenstates under time reversal?

If you can answer this, I might switch from the banana brand pain killer!


  1. I can't believe people actually fall for this crap! Quantum Colonic!

  2. What is even worse is she is trying to sell franchisees for this "crap".