Friday, April 30, 2010

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking. (FPOTW)

Recently I have returned to my swingers life. 

By this I mean Lindy Hop of course! =)
This means less time for this blog, but not to fear, as I will continue to post despite dancing and Oompaloompas.

On a swinging note, lets talk about Django Reinhardt, perhaps the greatest of the Jazz and Gypsy Swing guitarists.

 As a youth, Django was injured in a house fire, leaving him with reduced leg mobility, and paralyzed the ring and pinkey fingers of his left hand.
Such and injury would be devastating to a guitarist, but despite the handicap, Django retrained himself to excel in guitar despite his injures. His guitar work served as an inspiration to following generations.

Below is a video of Django playing. Note how he lets his fingers do the walking!

---- Start Fermi Problem ----

Estimate how many miles Django's fingers traveled over the fret board over his lifetime.

How many notes did Django play over his lifetime?

How many calories did he burn playing these notes?

--- End Fermi Problem ---

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