Friday, March 12, 2010

Space Ring Habitat Fermi (FPOTW)

This is my current desktop theme:

I wish I knew the artist and the name of the piece shown above. For some reason, this particular piece has captured my attention, and my imagination. I have spent some amount of time estimating various physical properties of the space ring habitat represented in the drawing.

The Fermi problem is as follows:

  • Estimate from the picture the diameter of the ring, and the diameter of the tube the habitat is constructed from.
  • What is the angular velocity needed to maintain a 1 gee environment?
  • What is the volume of air in the habitat?
  • Estimate the population.
  • Estimate the mass of the habitat.
  • Estimate the reaction mass needed to "spin up" the station to the angular velocity estimated above.
If anyone knows the piece or artist, please tell me so I can properly attribute the image.

Update: 4/30/2010

As in the comments below, the artist attributions are added! Thank you MJWT.